Still delivering Out-Of-Office warning even though it’s turned off

Vacation’s over, back to work. However, Outlook still tells people I’m out of office. I wish…
For no apparant reason this seem to randomly happen with our users sometimes.

In an attempt to fix it we’ve tried the usual:

  • Start Outlook in safe mode and check that it’s indeed turned off
  • Check that it’s also turned of in our Exchange server for the user

Luckily we found a work-around using MFCMAPI which seems to fix the issue.
Be careful though, MFCMAPI talks directly to Exchange and it can mess up your Exchange account if pressing random buttons recklessly.

Step 1
Download MFCMAPI from
Note that you must download the same architecture as your Outlook is running. 64-bit MFCMAPI won’t work with 32-bit Outlook.

Step 2
Close Outlook and open mfcmapi.exe
Click on Session -> Logon in the top menu and pick your Outlook profile.

Step 3
You should see a list of accounts connected to the Outlook profile you chose in the last step.
Click on your account, scroll down in the properties list until you see PR_OOF_STATE, PidTagOutOfOffice.... This will be set to True if OOF is activated. Double-click on this property and uncheck the Boolean checkbox in the dialog window. Click OK followed by Session -> Log off in the top menu. OOF should finally be disabled.