// uncomment line below to unleash the dragons
//return (mt_rand() % 2 == 0) ? true : false;

Adobe Reader disappears every time I disconnect network cable

Me: IT, how may I help
Luser: Hello, my Adobe Reader disappears every time I disconnect my networks cable
Me: Can you repeat that please?
Luser: *continues to amaze me*

*Remote control PC and immediately notice the gray crossed desktop icons (the pdf files...). 
There's obviously a Windows synchronization problem. 

Adobe Reader works fine, 
but the unsynced files are only available on our local ethernet network with connection to file server*

Sorry but it looks like your disk is about to die. What, wait a minute... THIS IS MY DISK

So I was scrolling through a users eventlog to troubleshoot why he got a bluescreen.
Uh-oh, this doesn't look too good. Several warning and errors indicating a bad disk.

Fast forward half an hour. I just discover I was reading my own system event log! I forgot to connect to remote host in the eventvwr snapin. Fuck, my disk is about to fry!

Must have been an engineer

One of our power circuits were out and it wouldn't turn back on, I tried to switch the fuse twice but no luck. We called the electrician and he could happily report he fixed the problem. By switching on the fuse... about 15 times. Everything is ok... for now.

Merry christmas! :)