NiceHash hacked?

Posted on 06.12.17   Bitcoin Cryptocurrency Mining NiceHash

NiceHash has been down since this morning and people are beginning to go crazy. Rumours regarding a possible hacking incident has been increasing on /r/NiceHash after they noticed a bitcoin wallet has received over 4700 BTC from one of NiceHash’ wallets.

NiceHash reports on their twitter account they are down for maintenance. No official statement regarding the hacking accusations have been addressed so far.

See more details here:

NiceHash is a marketplace where miners sell processing capacity for mining Altcoins (alternative cryptocurrency coins).

Experienced miners who have already started mining for other pools have statet that their profits have increased by x4-x5 because a lot of the NiceHash “miner-farms” are currently offline and driving the prices up.

Check out their reddit channel /r/NiceHash for updated news

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NiceHash hacked?

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