Creating an email censoring filter in Vuejs

This is a neat little function you can use as a filter in Vuejs to partially censor emails so for instance will show as m****l@e*********m. In other words, show the first and last letter before and after the @ delimiter.

filters: {
    censorEmail(val) {
        try {
            let arr = val.split("@");
            let wrd = arr[0][0] + "*".repeat(arr[0].length-2) + arr[0].slice(-1);
            let wrd2 = arr[1][0] + "*".repeat(arr[1].length-2) + arr[1].slice(-1);
            return wrd + "@" + wrd2;   
        } catch (error) {
            return "Not a valid email";

There’s not really any validation for a proper email address happening, we just check if the input value contains a @. If not, it simply returns “Not a valid email”.

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