Change Resize Mode for all VMs in RoyalTS 4


Finding the source for locked AD account from Event Viewer log on Domain controller

Active Directory Microsoft Security SysAdmin

Oracle Universal Installer – Successfully completed with errors

Humor Oracle

NiceHash hacked?

Bitcoin Cryptocurrency Mining NiceHash

Get Linux distribution information from terminal

Distro Linux Terminal Ubuntu

Some quick commands such as "lsb_release -d | cut -d: -f2" for gathering Linux information

Bash function to check if it’s friday

Bash Humor Linux

How to see server uptime on Windows and Linux

Linux uptime Windows

TLDR: Windows: net stats srv , Linux: uptime

Fix for Adobe Acrobat XI Pro Error “Failed to send a DDE command”

Acrobat Software

Some troubleshooting tips for "Failed to send a DDE command" error message. Long story short: reboot computer.

How to install .NET Framework 3.5 on Windows 10

.NET DISM Windows Windows 10

Installing .NET Framework 3.5 on W10 can be a PITA. Here are three methods we've successfully used in our enterprise environment to install it

Javascript bookmark function to add emojis to website 😀

Browser Emoji Humor Javascript

CRON Cheatsheet

Cheatsheet CRON Linux

Uninstall KB update on remote computer in domain using WUSA and PsExec

KB Powershell PsExec wusa

How to backup Internet Explorer passwords for Windows 7

Backup Internet Explorer Windows Windows 7

List a rough overview for automated ssh login attacks

bruteforce Linux SSH Ubuntu

Copy old StickyNotes to new Windows 10 format

Backup StickyNotes Windows

Powershell Snippets

Cheatsheet Powershell Scripting

List installed applications in Debian/Ubuntu using Terminal

Bash Debian dpkg Linux Ubuntu

How to retrieve random posts from WordPress

PHP Wordpress

Clean unused kernels when boot partition is full

dpkg Linux Ubuntu

MySQL storage types and their limits

MySQL Storage

Install SMTP client on Ubuntu server

Linux SSMTP Ubuntu

Linux Cheatsheet

Cheatsheet Debian fdisk grep Linux nano Ubuntu

MS Cheatsheet

Cheatsheet Microsoft Windows


Humor Random

Create a su command for Windows Command Prompt

CLI sudo SysAdmin Windows


Humor Random

Task Manager for remote computer

CLI Windows