Idle Mobster – Simple game made in Vuejs

So to learn Vuejs I decided to make a simple idle game. You know, one of those games that kinda plays itself by upgrading stuff and increasing your income etc.

This game is inspired by the old school mafia text-based browser games, so you’ll find the usual stuff like petty crime, upgrading weapons and managing businesses.

Current state of the game is very simple and there’s no prestige system implemented yet, but I have many features planned ahead. It’s still a work in progress, but I released it on (which is also my first time so learning by doing):

The code will eventually be available at my github site (probably (will update this post when it’s published).

Sorry but it looks like your disk is about to die. What, wait a minute… THIS IS MY DISK

So I was scrolling through a users eventlog to troubleshoot why he got a bluescreen.
Uh-oh, this doesn’t look too good. Several warning and errors indicating a bad disk.

Fast forward half an hour. I just discover I was reading my own system event log! I forgot to connect to remote host in the eventvwr snapin. Fuck, my disk is about to fry!